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Brush With Death!

March 3rd, 2021

Join Community Pat and Martin as they talk about Mantic's paint competition, The Brush With Death.  Links to the rules below.  Get your entries in by March 31st and judging will be done on April 11th at Mantic's Virtual Open Day.



Link to the blog with all the info:


Brush with Death Competition rules

  • All miniatures must be produced by Mantic Games.
  • Conversions are allowed, but it must be obvious it is a Mantic produced miniature.
  • Scratch built miniatures are not allowed.
  • You may mount your miniatures on a suitable gaming or display base.
  • The person entering the miniatures into the competition must be the person that painted them.
  • You can only enter each category once and you can enter all of the categories.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to your entry/entries being photographed/videoed, and that all recordings shall be the property of Mantic Games to be used in whatever manner Mantic Games sees fit.
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